Molecular Gecko, NWO-Applied and Engineering Sciences

Duration: 2017-2021

Description: We develop surface bio-functionalization technologies for affinity-based biosensing with high signal, low background, high stability, and cost-effective manufacturing.

Partners: Wageningen University and Research, TU Eindhoven, Synaffix, Stratec, Scienion, HyTest, Future Diagnostics, Helia Biomonitoring


Biosensor voor continu monitoren, Metropool Regio Eindhoven

Duration: 2019

Description: Industrializable cartridge technology for biosensing by particle mobility.

Partners: Axxicon, TU Eindhoven, Helia Biomonitoring


SAFEnmt H2020, Open Innovation Test Bed Program

Duration: 2019-2023

Description: Helia Biomonitoring and TU Eindhoven are partners in the SAFEnmt H2020 Open Innovation Test Bed. Program. We contribute a pilot test case for the continuous and automatic monitoring of biomolecules based on biosensing by particle mobility.

Partners: see


BioMonitor, NWO-Applied and Engineering Sciences

Duration: 2019-2023

Description: We develop biosensor technology for continuous monitoring with single molecule resolution, targeting future application in the field of patient monitoring.

Partners: TU Eindhoven, Medtronic, Anteryon, Future Diagnostics, LUMC, Helia Biomonitoring

CONSENSE, H2020 International Training Network

Duration: 2021-2024

Description: We develop molecularly engineered affinity-based nanoswitches for continuous monitoring.

Partners: TU Eindhoven, Aarhus University, École Politechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Weizmann Institute, KU Leuven, Max-Planck-Institut for Medical Research, Radboud University Medical Center, FOx Biosystems, Helia Biomonitoring

Real-time biomolecular sensing for smart food industry, TKI project

Duration: 2021-2025

Description: We develop and apply the real-time sensing technology for on-line monitoring and control in smart food processes.

Partners: Consortium with food processing and food technology companies