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Continuous biomarker monitoring by particle mobility sensing with single molecule resolution*

2018 | Nature Communications 

Multiplexed continuous biosensing by single-molecule encoded nanoswitches

2020 | Nano Letters


Continuous small-molecule monitoring with a digital single particle switch*

2020 | ACS Sensors 

How reactivity variability of biofunctionalized particles is determined by superpositional heterogeneities

2021 | ACS Nano

Click-coupling to electrostatically-grafted polymers greatly improves the stability of a continuous monitoring sensor with single-molecule resolution*

2021 | ACS Sensors

Real-time detection of state transitions in stochastic signals from biological systems

2021 | ACS Omega

Sensing methodology for the rapid monitoring of biomolecules at low concentrations over long time spans

2021 | ACS Sensors

Real-time monitoring of biomolecules: dynamic response limits of affinity-based sensors

2022 | ACS Sensors

Continuous biomarker monitoring with single molecule resolution by measuring free particle motion*

2022 | Nature Communications

Reversible immunosensor for the continuous monitoring of cortisol in blood plasma sampled with microdialysis

2022 | ACS Sensors

Real-time immunosensor for small molecule monitoring in industrial food processes

2023 | Analytical Chemistry

High-throughput single-molecule sensors: how can the signals be analyzed in real time for achieving real-time continuous biosensing?

2023 | ACS Sensors

*describes the basic principles of the BPM technology

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