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Biomarker Monitoring by Particle Mobility Sensing (BPM)

Biomarker Monitoring by Particle Mobility Sensing (BPM)


Helia Biomonitoring is developing an innovative technology for continuous biomolecular monitoring. The technology has the potential to continuously measure many substances (small molecules, hormones, drugs, peptides, proteins, nucleic acids) and can cover a wide range of concentrations (picomolar to millimolar). Potential applications include the continuous monitoring of patients in order to provide therapy feedback and prevent severe conditions and the continuous monitoring of industrial and environmental processes.


The technology called BPM, Biosensing based on Particle Mobility, is based on the tracking of the motion of particles that are molecularly tethered to a surface, where the motion reveals reversible biochemical interactions with single-molecule resolution. Hundreds of particles are simultaneously recorded by optical imaging, giving access to data with high statistics and allowing biosensing with high sensitivity and precision. We are now developing biomolecular assays and we are engineering an automated BPM prototype system for testing in practical applications.


Biosensor based on a tethered particle

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Tethered particle biosensor with different capture molecules

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Biosensor with a gap region for continuous monitoring

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Biosensor using particle motion

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Method and system for the monitoring of an analyte of interest

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Sampling system

2022  |  WO2024046706  |  NL granted

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